Take your team on a desperate race across Newcastle

The Amazing Race is perfect if you are looking for a fun, dynamic & different team building event! We understand that every team is different, therefore every team building event is different! We can tailor-make your amazing race to suit your team to ensure that you get the most out of your team bonding day.

Our races are designed to get all team members involved in different activities. They encourage communication between team members & taps into everyones inner competitive nature.

The race starts in a central location, depending on the course you chose, where we do a few activities to get the teams communicating & warmed up ready to race. The teams will need to crack clues to work out their next checkpoint locations where different challenges await them.

The Amazing Race is known as the great all rounder of team building activities, it suits all team types, gets you outdoors and is just competitive enough to make team bonding interesting.  It has been called the “just right” team bonding activity for good reason, it suits teams large and small, young in body and young at heart, introverts and extroverts and teams of all levels of fitness.

And the best bit is we will also happily organise your finish venue where your team can relax & enjoy fun banter over a few drinks and/or food. We have partnered with a number local venues surrounding our race courses, including pop-up picnic companies if you prefer a relaxing picnic in the park afterwards.

So….are you ready to race?

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